Insert any of our icons directly into your HTML just by writing the code. Hosted by a production-scale CDN. Linkware: link or buy.


Insert the <img> tag directly into your HTML. Icons8 will find the matching icon and generate it in the right style, size, and color.

It finds search icon in our most popular style with the default resolution for this style (50px) and black color.

For the icon names consists of two words and more, use - or _ to separate. For example: left‐arrow.

To see what we have, try searching our web app or download our apps for Mac and Windows — it's free, handy, and works offline.


Icon recolored to #2266EE. Color icons cannot be recolored.


Search icon in Windows 10 style. Other styles are:

Check all the styles in our web app.


Icon resized to 96x96px. Choose any value up to 512. Each style has the size it's designed for, also called pixel perfect size:

When possible, use multiplies of the pixel perfect style. For example, for iOS, use 50x50, 100x100, 150x150, etc.


Icons are created by Icons8. Please either link or buy.


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